internal egg laying.


11 Years
Apr 26, 2011
In may 2010 I got my first chickens,I got 3 redstar.22 week old pullets.they have been ajoy to care for and have gave me lots of large brown eggs.I have lost two since march due to internal egg laying.the first one I lost was my was heart
breaking.I lost # 2 three weeks ago.I did the warm water baths,i lube their vents I syringe calcium down their throats.But in the end I still lost them.The last red star I have left has all the systoms as her sisters. the shell on her eggs have been very thin.the last two days I have found two eggs with no shell in the nest.this morning she was sitting in the corner of their run.showed no interest in eating.when I spoke to her she answered me back very softly.I told myself,should I try or just leave her alone.I know in my heart it will do no good.......Sorry for the spelling.Where did the spell check go?
So sorry about your sick girl and the girls you have already lost, it is so hard to lose pets. I always feel that if they will eat and drink and act pretty much like a normal chicken I can let them be, but when they give up or seem to be in pain, it is kindest to euthanize them so they don't suffer. The Stars are such wonderful birds but they do unfortunately seem rather prone to this.
Yes from what I have read they are prone to internal egg laying.I will not let her linger long.My last one was in worst shape than I thought.Sorry to say we should have culled her sooner.I told myself is it right to take her life.when she may bounce back.

thank you
and yes it is very hard to lose them.

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