Internal layer?Look at this stuff I found...should I cull her? (yucky

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    I have had a hen inside from a flock I purchased about 2 weeks ago. (hen is about 1 year old) She was listless and on the ground in the coop so I brought her in. She could walk at that time. I thought she might be egg bound.
    Now it is two days later. Her legs are totally limp. She had a mass in the back, didnt feel like an egg, thought that it might be a tumor and interfering with her leg movement; so I sat her in a bath and manipulated a bunch of poo and this stuff out.


    I am afraid that I was not gentle enough while doing thes...should I cull her? or can she recover after all this? Thanks for the help! Terri O in WI
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    Jan 5, 2008
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    Definitely having laying problems. She might recover if you got it all out. Check her gently again tomorrow. In the mean time, I would just leave her alone and see how she does. I personally would not start antibiotics or anything yet.
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    Egg impactation for sure or internal layer. Keep her quiet and dark in a dog crate. Would this happen again? Highly likely.

    Hope for the best in her recovery. If her comb turns blue, the poison has set in and you will have a battle on your hands. Much kinder to let her go.
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    Keeping her comfortable on a heating pad for now. She is sleeping. I guess time will tell. Thanks! Terri O

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