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internal laying and oviduct problems SEEK OUT THE RIGHT VET!!!!

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by Ethel&Lucy, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Ethel&Lucy

    Ethel&Lucy Hatching

    Jul 22, 2011
    My Beautiful 4 Year Old ( 1 1/2 Lb Bantam) Hen Named Lucy Was Euthanized Yesterday--it Was Disastrous!
    In The Last 2 Weeks--my Lucy Was Seen By 3 Vets!--first 1 Was An Avian Vet--2nd Vet Was Recommended Because She Saw A Few Chickens Per Month
    And Finally The 3rd Vet Who Was An Avian Vet Knew What He Was Doing But It Was Too Late--She Became Too Weak To Do Surgery To Remove The Oviducts And Do A Hysterectomy.
    Lucy's Symptoms --5 Weeks Ago Started With Diarrhea--then Her Crop Was Not Emptying (even Though She Seemed Hungry And Would Eat A Little -her Crop Would Fill)--she Was Lethargic- The 1st Vet Was The Worst--she Just Examined The Crop And Said It Was Impacted (even Though It Was Squishy Like A Balloon) She Recommended Messaging The Crop To Make Her Throw-up And Add Pro-bioas Powder To Her Food--feed Small Amounts--placed Her On Baytril And Tested Her Stool For Parasites--she Said If That Didn't Help Bring Her Back In A Few Days To Empty Her Crop With A Tube.
    Instead Of Returning To Her, I Went To The 2nd Vet, The Poulty Feed Store Recommended And Had Heard Was Good With Chickens. She Did A Thorough Evaluation Of Lucy,
    And Felt A Lump On The Underside Of Her Belly (about 2 Inches From Her Vent). She Said Maybe If We're Lucky It Will Be An Impacted Egg But She Said It May Be A Growth-so She Placed Her In An Incubator And Also Administered Baytril--gave Her A Shot Of Calcium And Was Suppose To Just Feed Small Amounts Of Food At A Time--but When I Visited--her Crop Seemed Way Too Full. I Would Go To The Office Daily To Message Her Belly And Brought A Mist Humidifier To Place The Steam By Her Vent.
    By The 3rd Day--although She Appeared More Hydrated (due To Some Sub-cutaneous Fluids)--Lucy Remained The Same. After Doing A Lot Of Research For Hours A Day,
    With The Help Of This Forum, I Figured It Was All Leading To Lucy Being An Internal Layer (even Though She Had Not Laid An Egg In A Year--last Ones She Did Lay Were Soft Shelled)--I Suggested This To The Vet And She Did Not Appreciate Me Telling Her What I Thought It Was--the Vet Finally Took An X-ray--and Avoided Talking To Me THAT DAY AND THE DAY AFTER (THIS WAS THE 6TH DAY) The Staff Said She Was Doing Research ON WHAT IT COULD BE --my Husband And I Kept Calling And Insisting On Talking To The Vet (because I Knew It Was Saturday--and I Needed To Take Her To A Vet That Would To Surgery). Finally The Vet Called Back And Told Me To Come And Take My Chicken Because We Were Upsetting Her Office Staff!
    I Finally Took Lucy To A Vet 2 Hours Away That Confirmed She Was An Internal Layer And Was Ovulating At The Time And Needed A Shot To Stop The Ovulation And Surgery To Remove The Oviducts.---but When He Checked Her Blood--the Liver Was Not Working Good And She Was Way Too Weak For An Operation.
    Her Sister, Ethel Is Very Lonely (as It Was Just These 2 Hens For The Last 4 Years-they Traveled WITH ME On The Plane From NY To California And Were Inseparable!

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