Internal laying/Egg yolk peritonitis and what I'd have done differently

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    I lost my love on Saturday to EYP. Rather, we had to make the extremely hard decision to relieve her of her sufferings because her belly was already very swollen, a surgery was not recommended by our doctor because she was far from an OK condition (thin, rather weak), antibiotics seemed to do good but immediately after we stopped, she took a turn for the worse (became disinterested in anything) and I did not want her to pass away slowly and painfully.

    The brief history is that my girl never (ever) laid an egg in her 1.5 years of life; I wasn't too worried about this because she always seemed a bit weak, not gaining weight etc, so I figured she's just too weak to begin to lay. I was very wrong because she did begin at some point (our doctor found a small lump he felt in her tummy already back in the summer), but everything inside her. My partner did a quick examination and told me there were egg yolks floating in her belly.

    I truly wish that I had used the hormonal chip/implant on her to prevent her from laying at all, but I had no idea. :(

    Sorry if this post doesn't make MUCH sense, I am just too sad to go into more details, but these have been a very sad couple of days in this house.

    I love you, my angel, and you are in my heart (no need to even say that). You are one of the MOST beautiful things that happened to me and I am happy and honoured to have met you and had you in my life.

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