Internet Censorship Bills-SOPA & PIPA

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    Call your elected officials and tell them you are their constituent, and you oppose SOPA and PIPA.

    Go to Wikipedia's English site and put in your zip code and call your officials:

    Hello Fellow BYC Members. Currently on the table of the United States Congress is two Internet Censorship bills - PIPA in the Senate and SOPA in the House of Representatives. PIPA stands for the Protect IP Act, and SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act.

    These acts claim to be part of an action against piracy and copyright infringement on USA Based websites. In reality, this is the US Government trying to take control of yet another aspect of our lives. These acts would prohibit US Advertisers from advertising on the so called "banned" websites. It would also force any US Based website to remove links to the "banned" websites. This bill is a complete infringement on our rights by dictating where companies can advertise and where people can link to. On January 18th, many websites will be going on strike in protest of these bills, to show what the internet could be like if these bills are passed. Some of the participating sites are: Reddit, Minecraft/Mojang, and Mozilla (Firefox). Wikipedia is expected to join this list of sites as well. As a fellow content creator on the Internet with many Facebook pages for game servers and a YouTube Channel with nearly 1,000 subscribers, I will be joining in this strike by shutting down my sites the morning of the 18th. I urge that BYC (and the other sites in the BYC Family) also shut down on the 18th to help with the protest of these bills. On January 24th, the Congress will vote. We have less than 2 weeks to make sure that this doesn't pass. Please contact your lawmakers TODAY.

    NOTE: These acts are on the Table in the United States Congress, but that doesn't mean it will only affect US Based users. The majority of websites, like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and BackYardChickens, are based in the United States, but are accessed by users all over the world. If a site is taken down by the US Government, it will affect people across the planet who use that site.
    Just think ▬ If a BYC User links to a "banned" website, a lawsuit could be brought against BYC Owner Rob (Nifty-Chicken), and this site could essentially be taken down.

    For More Info:

    Also, Please consult the video below to give you a better understanding of the bills.

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    Yup, BYC is against SOPA and if it is passed it could be disastrous for websites and forums like ours.

    Thanks for posting this and for the great video!

    As stated by Wikipedia:

    Quote: Emphases added because that is exactly what applies to us!

    BYC is "big enough" to be a target, but small enough not to be able to defend ourselves in a huge battle. BYC is an amazing resource because of our "user contribute content" and we shouldn't be, and can't be expected to police 7,000+ posts per day. Can you imagine the burden that would put on us? We'd definitely have to close our doors!

    Call your elected officials and tell them you are their constituent, and you oppose SOPA and PIPA.
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    I don't think it could happen with websites like these.

    Or Congress will find a group of very very unhappy citizens.
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    Man, Minecraft is going down? I applaud Notch for participating in the protest, though I will miss it for a day!

    I have read the literature of this issue (actual literature not websites giving their spin on it) and I do think it is bad news for the internet. So even if it does pass, I think the uproar will be enormous and it will be brought to the supreme court. I doubt it is constitutional, so it should fall then.
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    As some of you know I'm a fan of the "throw these bums out and hire a bunch of new bums". theory of voting. Having said that I have a suggestion. First look at the sponsors of these bills.

    The sponsors of SOPA can be found here:

    The sponsors of PIPA can be found here:

    If you live in the district of any of these folks contact them and strongly suggest that they terminate their association with these pieces of legislation. If they fail to do so remind them of their obligations to those who sent them to Washington for the purpose of representation at the ballot box when they come up for reelection.

    Even if you don't have the opportunity to vote for any of these so-called representatives contact your own congressional representatives and voice your opinion on this subject. Tell them you will be watching how they vote, and you will vote accordingly the next time they come up for reelection.
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    Thank you for those links. I just wrote an E-Mail to Nevada's Congressman Mark Amodei who's name was on the SOPA Supporters list.

    It could happen to any website. The owner of a site is responsible for what it's users post. If 1 person on BYC, Facebook, Twitter, etc., posts a "banned" link, it falls back on the owner of the website. it's hard to control what your users do, especially when you are running a site with as many members at those sites I listed have.

    I'm happy Notch is participating as well. We were planning to shut down our servers on the 18th anyway so it all works out [​IMG]

    No problem at all Nifty. I'm happy spreading the word, and it's great to hear that BYC is against these bills.
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    Just wanted to post an update as we are getting closer to the internet strike. More and more sites are joining in on the 12 hour shutdown this Wednesday. Jimmy Wales (Wiki Founder) has confirmed that Wikipedia will go black on the 18th. Wordpress, the most popular blog hosts across the Internet (Which hosts sites like eBay, Yahoo, CheezBurger Networks, and the PlayStationBlog) Will also be striking that day. If you have a Twitter account you should tweet the hashtags #SOPASTRIKE and #BlackoutSOPA to help raise even more awareness.

    Also, Please check out the links below posted by OldGuy43. If anyone from your state is listed as a supporter, please E-Mail them or Call them to tell them that these bills would be detrimental to our rights, and that they should no vote in favor of it.
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    WE ARE JUST HOURS AWAY FROM THE SOPA BLACKOUT! Starting at midnight tonight, many websites will be going dark in protest of the SOPA and PIPA bills. Please check out the following video made by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia.

    It tells you how the biggest supporters of SOPA, like Disney, CBS, and Time Warner Were actually the same people who were distributing the materials to steal the copyrighted items that this bill *supposedly* support.

    The video is 15 minutes long but 100% worth watching to get an inside scoop on the SOPA bill.

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    I hate SOPA an would shut my sites down for the cause but now that they are on servers off site I would not even know how.
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