Interview w the news today about legalizing chickens - what do I say!?

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by @[email protected], Oct 15, 2010.

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    Jul 17, 2010
    At 1.30pm, the local paper (owned by an international media company, so the story could go across Canada... yikes) is coming for pics and an interview about my girls. The legalization issue is up for debate on Tuesday at city hall, and I really want to swing public support our way. BUT every time I'm interviewed I give the worst possible quotes!
    What can I say to a right-wing newspaper reporter who's writing to a city full of people who don't like chickens??
    "Ahm, they're really clean"

    That would be my quote. Help!
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    Sep 15, 2010
    I would list some of the benefits of having chickens in your backyard. For instance, you don't have to worry about having your eggs recalled. They're good at helping to keep the tick population under control (if you have Lymes in your area, this could be a good point), they don't make anywhere near as much mess or noise as a big dog or 2 in someone's yard. You can use the poop as fertilizer, thus reducing the need for fertilizers that could harm the environment, etc.
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    Along with eating ticks they are great at controllin fly eggs. Besides they ae just so cute!
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    great for educating children on responsibility and animal life cycles?

    put a copy on youtube, we wanna see!
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    Thinking Green. Self sustaining family. Home grown food. etc. etc.
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    Tell them that backyard chickens were common up until the '50's and no one noticed any problems with noise or smell until the big commercial farms started caged laying. If well cared for they make less noise and smell than most domestic pets--which they can be--and produce an eatable product this is healthy and disease free to boot. Chicken are also one of the most economic converters of feed to protein either as eggs or meat of any animal raised for this purpose so keeping a small flock makes great economic sense in at a time when food costs are rising. Our grandparents knew this--checkout the number of older houses with chicken coops behind them--and you are just trying to get back to those roots.
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    Thanks everyone!
    The interview went really well, they took pics and video too! It should be up on the Windsor Star website tomorrow, I'll post a link under the Local Chicken Laws area! The girls were well behaved too [​IMG]
    The reporter asked, of course, how we got eggs without a rooster, and if we needed a pit to keep chickens (we have a half-dug pond in the back, we're finishing in the spring). City slickers, lol [​IMG]
    They asked what the neighbours think, how hard are they to take care of, are they smelly, loud etc, and if we can eat the eggs (haaahahahah...) I just HOPE they spin it positively, because we need to get them legalized here! The reporter even asked to hold our Polish, and she was perfectly behaved (treats for her, hehe!)
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    aww! can't wait to see the story! i, too, was on the news here, paper and tv, i felt so stupid because i never know what to say either. i am still standing by my girls though and refuse to give them up, even after being arrested, going to trial, and sitting in jail for them. i would do it again.
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    Jul 17, 2010

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