Intestinal shed or coccidosis?

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  1. kcramer

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    Aug 4, 2015
    I moved my 4 week olds out to the main coop. They are separated from the main flock but 2 days in I'm seeing red in their poop... does it look like intestinal shed or cocci? Should I treat all of them or just the babies if you think it's cocci. They look like worms to me but I have had healthy girls so no experience with this what so ever.

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  2. Mace Gill

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    I can't really tell from the photo, nor am I an expert, But if you even THINK it is cocci, I would treat right away. Cocci is naturally occurring through outside sources, so even the cleanest environments can experience it. Untreated, it can devastate a flock. If your other birds have been already treated for it, I believe they are then already immune but DON'T RELY ON MY ADVICE ALONE! To play it safe, I would treat everybody.

    If it is worms, they can be serious too, but if you think it is not too serious, you can try treating with ACV in the water and DE stirred into the feed. If you feel it is serious, you will need to deworm, But not all medications work on all types of worms. PLEASE GET OTHER OPINIONS!

    Hope this helps.
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    A better close up photo of an individual poop would make assessment more accurate. What are you feeding them? Is it medicated feed? How are they acting? Coccidiosis will make them hunched and lethargic, so if they are looking active and normal I wouldn't worry too much but it may pay to have some Corid on hand in case they do suddenly start to show symptoms. I bought a little bottle marketed for pigeons a few years ago and thankfully have never had to use it but worth having as an insurance policy because cocci can kill quite quickly when it strikes and better to have the medicine on hand and start treating them the moment they look sick, than have to start driving around trying to find some when you need it.



    PS. At 4 weeks old worms would be extremely unlikely, particularly as they have only just been exposed to the outside world. The likelihood is that it is shed intestinal lining, but I really can't make it out from that photo.
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  4. kcramer

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    Aug 4, 2015
    Thanks! I work nights so when I checked on them this afternoon when I got up they are doing great, showing no signs of sickness. I feed them fermented feed and dry(non-medicated), and put ACV in their water every couple days, so I put some in this afternoon. I'll pick up some Corid to have on hand but I think I jumped the gun. I see no redness in their poop this afternoon. So fingers crossed.
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