intestine looking discharge hanging from chickens rear (pictures)

Mary Herb

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May 20, 2017
My 1 year old lemon has a bloodly organ looking type discharge hanging from her rear.

It was not there yesterday when we went to check on her and I didn't notice it this morning when I went to feed her, just saw it now as I was going out to fix some fencing.

It almost looks like she was trying to lay an egg an an organ or something from her insides came out.

She is hunkering down under a bush. She is alert but does not look comfortable. She is not squawking or asking for attention. Though, my 3 other chickens are sitting around her, as if they are looking out for her.

I am leaving her in the coop for now iwth my other chickens.

Has anyone seen this? Do you have recommendations on actions I can take to help her?

Thank you!!!!


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It looks like she prolapsed. If you can, I'd get her to a vet. I've had it happen with pigs and cows and sometimes they can be fixed. Never had it happen with a chicken, so I don't know how good the outlook is.
It looks like a prolapsed a search on here, I think people have treated it by flushing with sterile saline and pushing it gently back in with a gloved finger and KY jelly...Do a search on prolapsed intestine on BYC. I would keep her away from the other chooks (isolate in hospital area) too until it's fixed so hey don't peck at it (and to reduce her stress).

Good luck....:fl

ETA: (this looks like a good, informative long thread on it)
It does look like she may have suffered a prolapsed vent, and either her large intestines came out or it may have been pulled out by the other chickens. I don’t think that she can survive this, so I would take her to a vet or put her down. Sorry.
Thank you ~ after doing a bit of research I also believe that is the case.
I greatly appreciate your quick replies.

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