Introduce young hens in with adult rooster?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by cropperjoan, Mar 10, 2015.

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    Mar 10, 2015
    I recently lost my flock to a dog attack. I have one red hen that is injured but recovering, and one adult (9 month old) rooster. He is not picking on her,but he is mating with her. I have two week old babies in a brooder and one adult Bantam hen. I plan to put the Bantam hen with the babies in a bigger (But small) coop in a couple weeks. After the chicks are eight weeks old or so, and red is healthy, can I put them all together? Regular size rooster ok with Bantam size hen? He won't go after the young ones until they are mature right? Thanks!
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    Sorry about the loss of your flock to the dog. :hugs How big is the roo and the bantams? Some people keep bantams and standards together with no problem, but with limited hens in a confined space, the roo will most probably try to mate with the bantam hen (depending on the size difference and the behavior of the roo that could be a problem) and he will probably also go after the immature pullets before they are ready to mate. With only four hens left and one rooster you are probably going to be short on hens anyhow and there is a good chance he will overmate them in time. You might make arrangements for keeping the roo separate if he becomes a problem with the girls. With the chicks, it is generally best to wait until the chickens are about the same size, (or in the case of bantams as big as they are going to get which will be closer to 16 weeks) and a long period of seeing but no touching through wire seem to work best, ie dividing the coop into two sections or keeping the new/younger ones in a cage inside the coup for a couple of weeks to a month at least. The chickens will get to know each other and sort of work out a pecking order before actually coming in contact with each other. Letting them free range together is a good idea and should help... It will take a couple of weeks to get the pecking order sorted out. There is a nice article in the Learning Center on integrating flocks you might like to check out, the part about actually combining them is after the quarantine section

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