introduced 5 wk. olds to 10 month olds

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    Mar 2, 2009
    central ohio
    have 6 10 month old pullets(2 buff orps,3 EE, 1 NHR) and let the 5 5 wk. old pullets(salmon faverolles,G.campine, G. laced wyandotte, SS, delaware)loose to see what would happen and the grown ups pretty much ignored the bb's because they were so busy checking out their pen. the bb's actually were the most upset and challenged the big girls and everyone was puffing up but no fights. let them run together for 1 hour(while watching) and the bb's ran to their inside area and acted scared so I chased the big girls off. I need to be able to get pix on cause the talk is boring but just had to talk. too cute.[​IMG]

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