Introduced new hen, was laying, now nothing


5 Years
May 10, 2014
Hey all,

Here's the situation:

I got a hen from a friend on 4/2, she's about the same age as my 12 chickens (1 yr). She lays brown, all my others lay white, so I know when she's laying or not.

Friend dropped her off in a cage for transport, she had an egg in her cage. She then laid the next day... Then maybe 2 days later... Then the next one was from her about a week later...Then nothing... It's now been about 1.5 months since I've gotten an egg from her?

Her comb is pale, also her wings seem to have less feathers than the others... I assume she is still stressed from the move.. but it's been 2 months now, shouldn't the adjustment period be over?

Appreciate any thoughts, thanks!
She has run out of eggs, plus she could be doing a "false molt." That is where a hen molts early and has to re-molt later on. You probably won't get anymore eggs from her until spring

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