Introducing 6 wk old pekin bantam to 10 month old pekin bantam

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I posted a long question yesterday (actually it was lots of questions in one) - thank you for my reply. I have one further question. My new 6 week old has feathers. I have had her up in the house the last few nights. It is not particularly cold here as we are in Spring in aus. During the day I put the baby in the coop and lock the older one outside.
1. Would it be ok to put the baby in something like a birdcage with food, water, sawdust and a perch and put the birdcage in the big coop. That way the baby is secure and my older one can still go into the coop if she wants. I will let the baby have the run of the coop for a few hours or so.
2. Also, would it be ok to leave her in her cage in the coop at night when I lock my older one in if I cover the baby's cage with a towel to keep her warm.
3. Do I need to keep her in the seperate cage until she is about 14 weeks - as she grows too big for the birdcage, should I partition off part of the big coop
4. We have a bush turkey hanging around - any ideas on how to get rid of it (scare it off permanently)
I'm so sorry about all the questions but I'm so new at this and almost spend every waking hour worrying about whether I am doing the right thing


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Bush turkey... = dinner? If you put it on your plate, that would def scare it off permanently : )

There was a wild peacock that was hanging around my SO's folk's house for a while... being a major pest in the garden, and actually trying to get inside the house (pecking on the screen!) They tried to catch it and relocate it, but after several attempts just ended up shooting it, which was sad... but it wouldn't go away and I guess sometimes that has to happen.


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I have a wire brooder. I put the brooder in the coop with the big girls originally until they were almost the same size where they could see each other. When I did finally let them out together there was some chasing pecking and chest bumping, but eventually they sorted out their pecking order. One in particular was getting picked on the most so I separated her a little longer. Now they are all together in reletive harmony. You can use a bird cage, dog crate etc.

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