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  1. akaxo

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    my lovely fiancée is working late so thought i'd waste some time by posting some pics [​IMG]

    first up is cheeky vera who things she should be a house chicken and runs inside and jumps up on the couch every chance she gets. which isn't very often now since i built a gate to keep her away from the house, so instead she paces at it looking annoyed. she's an ex-battery hen we've had for about a year now.

    and this is miss cankles (so named for her legs which are somewhat larger than everyone else's.

    and her sister, or half-sister, i'm not sure which, gladys.

    and the first of the two silkies we got, deidre.

    and the two black orpington brown shaver crosses that she hatched just over two weeks ago. they're trying to decide if eating the geranium like their mother was is a good idea.

    and the second of the silkies, blanche.

    and this is the broody bunch, the two at the front have been sitting on eggs for about ten days now and the one at the back decided to join them today [​IMG]

    so that's them [​IMG]
  2. RainbowBirds_of_a_Feather

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    Mar 19, 2010

    Thank you for sharing you family of chooks with us! They are all beautiful! The last Photo id cut cause the white hen looks ready to attack with the silkie looking one. I can't wait to see the baby chooks when they hatch.
  3. Arcnadius

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    Aug 1, 2010
    Western WI
    You have some nice lookin' ladies, there! I especially love the chicks, but I'm partial to all manner of babies.
  4. Mahonri

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    May 14, 2008
    North Phoenix
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    Those broodys that sit together just crack me up
  5. theoldchick

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    May 11, 2010
    Wonderful flock! I love Cankles!
  6. awwww they look so content! i love them all sitting together. Their little peeps will all be able to play together!

    How did you get your hands on a battery hen? i would love to rescue a few.
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  7. jarodw45

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    Nov 6, 2010
    What kind of white hen is that in the back with the broodies... from the photo it looks like she has white cheeks Leghorn? They rarely go broody.
  8. akaxo

    akaxo Chillin' With My Peeps

    thanks everyone! they bring a lot of joy to my life and are great company at home when i am working outside.

    i have no idea what breed the white girls are sorry, yeah white cheeks but the other one doesn't, they also have different coloured feet. i got the two white ones from the same person and as far as i am aware they both have the same parents.

    i got the ex-battery girl from someone here who gets them from a battery farm, looks after them for about a week and then sells them on at cost. we got three originally but had problems with the other two and she's the only survivor [​IMG]

    i will pass on compliments to cankles!

    the broodies might look a bit like they are ready to kill (well one of them anyway) but are actually really mellow. the others often squeeze in there to lay their eggs and i can move them to get under them without so much as a moan. six nest boxes to share and i've seen four of them trying to jam themselves into that one which is the smallest [​IMG]

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