introducing babies to our adult hens & the great outdoors.


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11 Years
Mar 19, 2008
easton, pa
We have 34 5 week old hens and 1 (oops) roo. We have been keeping them in a separate area in our barn with heat lamp, shavings & all the stuff they need.
They are growing beautifully but I'd like to know how and when do we try to introduce them to our 11 adults
(9 hens and 2 roos)? And what about letting them outside? We have a huge area ouside the barn that is ringed with electric poultry netting. The adults are outdoors all the time foraging and having fun...they come in to roost at night.


11 Years
Sep 4, 2008
Central Ohio
I keep mine separate until the babies are almost adult size 12-16 weeks. Otherwise they might get hurt by the adults. I also section off a portion of the coop, that way both groups can see each other but nobody gets pecked. They stay in there for a week or so. Then I let them out. I supervise to make sure nobody gets seriously hurt (blood). If things don't go well, they go back in the sectioned off area for a couple more days.

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