Introducing baby chicks to a solitary hen


Jul 10, 2015
I have a solitary chicken that went broody for a little bit. I tried to sneak in some day old chicks and she went after them, so I'm raising them. I'm wondering if I should just find her another home and start with these 3 fresh. I'm not sure how well she's going to take to them and it's kind of a hassle to make an entirely new run for a few weeks to acclimate them with one chicken. Any advice? Is re homing the older chicken the easiest thing to do?
Thank you. Yeah I'm pretty much leaning that way. I am not super attached to her. She gives me decent eggs. I asked just in case someone's going to chime in and say "oh it's not that hard to introduce hens and chicks." I've never done it before. I've just read up on it and apparently from what I've read it takes a few weeks. Thank you!
I just introduced 2 orphans to my 14 week old silkie hen and she took them right away. I think the time depends on breed and the hens temperament. Mine was bottom of the pecking order and none of the others cared if she wondered off or not. She now has her own little crew and has been fiercely protective

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