Introducing bantams to grown birds


Sep 25, 2015
I usually don’t introduce grown birds,but However,two of my Cochins have died and I’m going to be getting three more so that way my little rooster has a few more.our seventeen large fowl hens don’t seem interested in him unfortunately and they have been together for quite the plan is keeping them Seperate for a week so all bantams can adapt to each other,and that way Zeus my large fowl roo doesn’t steal the newbie girls from our poor little bantam roo(He seems to do it to all young guys unfortunately).The last chicken I introduced was a four month old bantam.My birds have changed quite drastically since then.I have a few birds throughout my flock who are actually quite rooster like,one does the wing dance quite often to one of the bantams who hangs with them (The Cochins have their own cage because it’s spring and being confined when it’s dinner time with the big birds just wasn’t satisfying to them nor fair.)
My main concern is I have neevr introduce adult anything in along time and ma just curious if it will make any difference with them being adult bantams.If their babies,which I’m not sure if he I want babies yet because it’s spring in the little guy is in quite need of him some more hens to breed.They will just have to meet the large fowl birds through their Cochin cage because they will be free ranging with them.
Any tips for them,don’t want a huge failure becaus I really like them.

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