Introducing chicks to hens.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Breezy_Living, Jan 21, 2012.

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    May 19, 2011
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    None of our hens have gone broody so we're getting 6 new chicks on Feb 3rd from our local feed store, and am making more room in the coop/run to eventually house them. At what point would it be "safe" to introduce them without severe problems. The 2 remaining hens (out of 4, one being a roo and the other recently getting killed) are going to be roosting in the coop at the time so once the chicks get too big for their "box" the only other place to put them is the coop.

    Any ideas?

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    I have grow out pens between the brooder and the coop.

    I don't like to fully integrate until they are at least 12 weeks and preferably 16 weeks.
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    Definitely keep them at a distsance or ideally behind a fence before you fully integrate them.
    But yes,12-16 weeks or so would be the best for them.
    Hopefully your hens and roo won't mind a few newcomers!
    Best of luck and can't wait to see the new babies!!
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    We are building our coop right now and I just set eggs last night. Currently, we have four bantams that are about 4.5 months old. Maybe three roos 1 hen? hopefully the one I'm not sure about is a hen but I doubt it. We also have three laying hens and a standard roo. But they are in tractors at night/ free ranging during the day. We are dividing our coop with a mobile wall, made from chicken wire and (2x4s?) I can't remember exactly. But we will be able to determine the size of the room depending on how many chickens we have to put in it. So that will give us a separate room for the babies when they hatch.

    Introducing new chickens can be hard. I got my two Rhode island reds first. (a hen and rooster) then a few weeks later got my Barnevelder hen and White Leghorn hen + my four bantams. The bantams were little chicks at the time. I only had two tractors and tried to put in the two older hens with my reds. I had no idea chickens wouldn't get along. (sorry, noob.) but they pecked at each other and the two new ones had no where to run. (this was before I free ranged.) I took them out and gave them the other tractor but the Leghorn and Barnevelder didn't lay for almost two months after that. It wasn't until I let them out and they all started roaming the property did they get along. But they did great after that and now they all sleep in the same tractor. (except the leghorn who they started excluding because she was sick. But she's doing much better now.) I think I'll stick with introducing them all out in the yard from now on. It's safer for the newcomers that way.

    I hope all goes well and easily for you! [​IMG]

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