Introducing chicks to older chickens.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by maxh122801, Apr 3, 2016.

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    So as of now i have 6 3 week old chicks and outside i have 2 about a year old chickens. Before we move the young chicks out we need to build a bigger coop. how should i introduce the young ones? Do i put the young ones in the new coop first? or the old ones in the new coop first?
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    Theres lots of info on this topic and i would suggest that you search for "integrating younger chickens to a flock" or something like that. You'll find some very good posts and articles on the subject. The "see, but no contact" approach seems to be most favoured.

    Good luck

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    I divide the coop with fencing - and they hang like this until I decide to remove the fencing. Right now, the 5 week old chicks are out there at night and have the big pen during the day. I let the big chicken and the ducks in when I sit in there to watch the interaction between them all.

    I do this with my ducks as well.

    The littles always get lots of supervised outside time in the yard so the big birds know there are new ones so it isn't a surprise when all the sudden, one night they are sharing the coop.

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