Introducing chics to adult chickens

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    My 4 week old chics are meeting their elders.. the 6 chics were curious to meet the others but the adult brown chicken pecked x2 at the chics scaring them all not sure how this will work in the future when the chics are free range in my back yard .. also the brown adult chicken [female] once she saw the chics he let out long distress calls for nearly 5 minutes after pecking at the chics any reason why [​IMG]
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    The pecking is generally the older birds telling the chicks that they are the boss, if it does escalate to injury, than it's not just the pecking order
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    Completely normal. Chickens are very territorial and do not take kindly to newcomers. If you can set up a temporary pen for the littles ones to spend their days in, it will really help the integration process. The adults will be able to get used to the chicks safely and the chicks will be able to learn from the adults via observation. After a couple weeks, the chicks will have learned which adults they need to steer clear of, and they can be allowed to live fulltime in the flock.
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    I recently added young chicks to my flock using one way gates. I used lattice panels, the chicks had a safe place to retreat to, and yet, they can get out among the big girls. At first they stayed pretty close to the panels, and gradually ventured a little bit more. The older ones quickly got use to them, and little ones quickly learn their subordinate place, and how to stay out of the way of their elders.

    Now they are all together, the chicks set the pace, and it worked great.

    Mrs K
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