Introducing Guineas to a flock of chickens

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by pattyhen, May 13, 2016.

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    Tomorrow my guineas will be 7 weeks old. They were brooded in a cage in the house and on warm days they went out to a pen in the yard. The chickens could see them in the pen but they could not get to them.

    Last night I put their cage in the coop and let the guineas out this morning to introduce them to the chickens. We have a big yard with a fence around it and I have 11 chickens all ranging from 2 years old up. The head roo went to go after them but my husband yelled at him and he stopped. There were no fights or anything. The guineas liked to hang around me and my husband while we sitting out on the swing. They even stold a drink of my tea when I wasn't looking.

    This evening I put them back in their cage in the coop and I will probably do this for about a week until I'm sure they are safe around the chickens. The guineas which I have two of them have their wing clipped. They were flying out of their pen a couple of weeks ago so I clipped one wing on each of them. So I hope they continue to get along with each other. I've got my fingers crossed it does.
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    Sounds like you've got a good plan to intergrate them!

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