Introducing my Girls! (Or: Why I named one after a Civil War General and gave her a gender crisis)

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    Hey everyone, After months of coop building (since I had to do a little here and a little there), we couldn't be more excited to have our ladies in place. Everyone on the forum has been very helpful... and since this is the place for pictures, I figured I'd share... since I took the time to write this up for my wife's Foodie blog anyway.



    I'm Cock of the Walk

    Who wants to meet the girls?!?!

    That’s right. Girls. Hens. Five of them. No roosters. No dudes. That makes me their dominant male influence. Hence the totally appropriate – single entendre – title of this post.

    If you’ve been following along in our fledgling livestock adventure, this is the moment for which you’ve been waiting. You’ve had a few days to settle down after the euphoric grand tour of the coop I built.

    Time to introduce the ladies.

    Please meet:


    Curly is a Blue Copper Maran and is about 18 weeks old. She’s still a pullet (meaning a female less than one year old), but will hopefully start laying soon. Pullets can begin dropping the good stuff generally anywhere from 18-26 weeks on average, so let’s hope she’s advanced for her age.

    When Curly does start laying, her breed is supposed to lay very dark, almost chocolate colored eggs.

    By the way, I’m sparing you a lot of history, breeding, genetic disposition, and other information I’ve devoured about various poultry breeds. I do so because The Wife promptly gets that eye-glazed 1000 yard stare whenever I share it with her. So I figure you also don’t care.

    For instance, when I finished giving Joanna a twenty minute dissertation about this copper necked lovely, she shook the haze out of her head and said, “Wait, what is it called? A Maran? I shall call him [sic] Curly. Curly Moran [sic]. From Veronica Mars.”

    So there you go. Curly.

    Next, meet Curly’s best friend:

    General Burnside


    In the interest of saving space, if you want to read the rest, you can do so Here!!
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    congrats on getting your girls in the coop. I checked out the coop at your blog - very nice. Gen. Burnsides is a great name, but I must admit I would have been tempted to change the name once the name Princess Layer came to mind. Oh well you have a good excuse to get another Americauna just to use that name.
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    I'm seriously contemplating adding more to the flock just to do a whole Star Wars pun naming theme. :)

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