introducing new young billy to older nannys

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    I'm thinking of introducing a younger (3-4 months old) pygmy billy to my older (2 yr old) nannys. So here's my questions.
    1) I do feel really good about the breeder, but should I keep him isolated from my nannys for any given time like you would when you bring in new chickens?
    2) do I need to be concerned about the age difference when it comes to breeding them?
    3) If not, Will I need to keep him from my nannys even at young age? I don't plan on breeding them until next fall/winter time frame. I do understand that older billys need to be kept separately and have the accommodation for that. Just need more time (about 6 weeks) to fence in one more acre. The other area I could keep him in is very small (breeding pin for chickens 15'x10').
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    If he can get on top of them, he can breed them at that age. If you don't want the possibility of your does getting bred now, you will keep them separate. Read a bit more about that here. For the short term, a smaller pen separate from your does will not harm him. But I am guessing you will be keeping him alone, even in the bigger area you plan on fencing? No wether buddy? Bucks need companionship, too.
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    Stacykins is right on. A wether buddy down the road would be a good idea. Fow now, I would keep him separated in the smaller pen and do all of your business with him last. It won't be a total qurantine if he is near your other goats, but there are contagious things that can be passed along to your other goats. I think keeping them separate for at least 3 weeks to a month is a good idea.

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