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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by USMCorps782, May 17, 2009.

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    Mar 11, 2007
    I read a couple of the posts including the link associated with introducing new chickens to a flock. My question is: would it help if I introduced equal or more new birds to existing ones? i.e.; 2 new to 2 existing or 3 new to 2 existing. I have two hens and I put a younger one in with them. They are ganging up together and beating the stew out of her. I will get another one or two if it will even the fight.Thanks
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  2. CATRAY44

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    I do not know if it will stop it if they are targeting one, but it might be worth a try, for a distraction. They 2 new ones will still have to get used to each other, even if both are new to the group. You might try removing the top hen for a few days which will shake up the pecking order and knock the leader down a few pegs in the rank. Maybe someone will have a better answer...

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    Catray's approach is sure worth a try. Never really know how these things will go.
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    Mar 11, 2007
    I thought about taking the top hen out of the picture for a while. She is a Barred Rock and a friend of mine has a BR rooster. So maybe a little date and distraction for her will be good for the new one. Thanks for your ideas.

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    I agree with the others about removing the instigator for a few days. I have not done it myself, but I have seen posts on here that introducing groups instead of individuals helps, so your original thought is also good. Butlike Ddawn said, you never know how these things will go.
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    There is going to be some chasing and pecking. As long as it doesn't get too aggressive. They are just establishing their pecking order. If it does get very aggressive I would try removing the one who instigates the others pecking. I had two hens that were bad so I put them in chicken jail for awhile. Also when I caught them in this behavior, I had a hose handy and gave them a good forceful squirt with the hose which took them totally by surprised. Their behavior changed after a few squirts with the hose.
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