Introducing the young & old in a new coop.


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Feb 9, 2015
I want to introduce my older girls to my 14 week old chicks/growers. The chick have been in the new coop I build since they were 7 weeks old & the older ones have not been in it yet. I know the picking order will need to be established but will it be any more stressful for the older ones being in a new coop? also they are both on different pellets? growers & layers? what do i do about it???? at what age can the younger ones start on corn, meal worm sun flower seed & so on??


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At 14 weeks, they should be fine with corn and other things.

To minimalize stress and bullying with the transition, I suggest putting the ones you move in at night so the others don't see the difference much and just wake up with new friends! The idea is that they wake up and think that the new ones were in the flock before and just weren't noticed or something..

Hope this is helpful!

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