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    How is the best way to go about intrducing treats to the chickens? I have been wanting to give them treats but not sure how to go about gettnig them to try new things. Also, at what age can they start getting treats?
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    Hi and welcome to BYC. When your chicks are around 2 weeks old you can start by introducing yogurt or some hard-boiled egg. Go slow, introducing only one new thing per week or so. That way if something doesn't agree with them you'll know what it was. Once you start treats you'll need to start giving them a little grit. Once they have access to the outside they can usually find their own grit. When adding a new food don't be surprised if at first your chicks act scared to death of it. All it will take is for one chick to be brave enough to try it and the others will follow. Chickens are very much monkey see, monkey do. Good luck with your new babies.
    ETA: The yogurt should be plain yogurt.
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    As for grit, you can purchase canary grit at the grocery store for them. You'll be astonished by how excited they get over eating dirt.

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