introducing young to older chickens

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    I had 4 barred rocks for about 4 years. 2 died and introduced the remaining 2, Hester and Priscilla to 2 black minorcas, Barack & Obama a about 6 months ago. It was quite a deal getting them to get along. Had to divide the pen for a couple of months or more. A little fighting when they started roosting together. When Hester & Priscilla started laying fewer eggs, renamed them Lunch & Dinner. Today just got an Americauna, Buff Brahma, Cuckoo Marana, and Dominique. The black minorcas, about 8 months old aren't too thrilled yet with the newbies, about 3 months old, so keeping them in same pen but separated. No rooster. I know they will naturally create a pecking order, even if raised together, but is there any other trick to getting the oldertimers to accept the newbies without near fatal fighting? Even separated by wire, the oldies reach through and attack the newbies who get too close. Glad to have BYC as a source of information, and to know there are others who like having chickens in the city.
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    New chickens should be seperated from your flock for at least 1 month before introducing them . They should be housed in completely differnt area to watch for sickness and disease. Go to search and type in biosecurity.

    I think with time the top hens will accept the new ones but it does take awhile.
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    I agree with the other post. Quatentine for at least 30 days before you introduce the new bird to your existing flock. Someone on BYC has a page on introducing new birds to existing flocks. If I can find it I will post it. It is very good reading and informative.
  4. Its best to quatentine the new poultry for 30 or so days before you introduce them to your existing flock.
    One way to introduce them after they have been quatentined and determined healthy is to wait til dark .Go in chicken house with small light and place new birds on the roost. Usually no chance of fighting at night.
    Its best to do this on a Friday so you can watch them closely on Saturday and Sunday to make sure everybody is getting along well.
    If that doesnt work you could do small pen beside existing flock so they can get to know each other that way , then add them in 4 to 6 weeks with existing flock.
    Sure there are many other ways out there that people will post as well.
    Hope this helps you some.

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