Inubation Troubleshooting Checklist

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    I decided to add this here as a reference

    Please take this as reference to help answer a few questions you may have

    maybe a sticky could be good for it

    Problem & Possible Causes

    Chicks hatch late
    • Large eggs
    • Old breeders
    • Eggs stored for too long
    • Incubator temperature too low
    • Weak embryos
    • Inbreeding
    • Incubator humidity too high

    Slow (drawn-out) hatch
    • Mix of eggs (different sizes, different aged breeders,
    storage times)
    • Poor egg handling
    • Hot or cold spots in incubator
    • Incubator or Hatcher temperature too high or low

    Sticky Chicks, smeared with albumen
    • Low incubation temperature
    • High incubation humidity
    • Poor turning
    • Old eggs
    • Very large eggs

    Chicks stuck in shell, dry,
    • Low humidity in storage

    shell fragment stuck to feathers
    • Poor egg turning
    • Cracked shell or Poor shell quality

    Premature hatching, bloody navels
    • Temperature too high

    Small chicks
    • Small eggs
    • Low humidity
    • High temperature
    • High altitude
    • Thin, porous shells

    Unhealed naval, dry,
    • High incubator temperature, or temperature fluctuations

    rough down feathers

    • Humidity too high when hatching
    • Inadequate nutrition

    Weak Chicks

    • High hatching temperature
    • Poor Hatcher ventilation
    • Contamination

    Chicks malpositioned
    • Eggs sat small end up position
    • Inadequate turning
    • Excessive turning at late stages
    • Too high or too low temperature
    • High humidity
    • Old breeders
    • Round shaped eggs
    • Nutritional deficiencies
    • Retarded development
    • Poor egg handling or storage conditions


    • Poor storage conditions
    • Jarring of eggs
    • Nutritional deficiencies
    • Inadequate turning
    • High or low temperature
    • Inadequate ventilation

    Crooked toes, bent legs

    • High or low temperature
    • Poor nutrition

    Short down, wiry down
    • Nutritional deficiencies (especially riboflavin)
    • High incubation temperature

    Eyes closed, down stuck to eyes

    • Temperature too high in Hatcher
    • Chicks remain in Hatcher too long after hatching
    • Excessive air movement in Hatcher

    Exploding eggs

    • Dirty eggs from nest
    • Eggs not washed properly
    (eggs wiped or cleaned with contaminated cloth)
    • Water condensation on eggs
    • Water sprayed on eggs
    • Contamination from earlier exploders
    • Contaminations from handling with dirty hands

    Dwarf embryos, runts in

    • Egg contaminations

    growing chicks

    • Breeder diseases
    • Nutritional deficiencies


    • Incubator or Hatcher temperature too high
    • Rough handling at transfer
    • Nutritional deficiencies (vitamin K or vitamin E)
    • Contamination

    Swollen head and back of neck

    • Nutritional deficiencies

    Small air cell, egg weight loss under 10%

    • High humidity
    • Very thick shells
    • Low temperature

    Exposed brain

    • High incubation temperature
    • Low oxygen levels
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