Inverness Show in FL

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    Feb 23, 2007
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    Well It was great seeing so many BYCrs at Inverness! [​IMG] It was incredibly nice to see ya'll there, meet and talk to you. We are all chicken crazy! We all got together for group photos by a fellow member, who I am sure will plaster our now infamous mugs here on BYC. hint hint hint. Don't ask me to, I did not bring the camera in. I do want to bum photos of Arnold if he got them...hint hint. [​IMG]

    Definitely more bantams (especially OEGBs) than large breeds. I now really wish I had brought my Blue Orpington roo and gals to show. I spent my 1st motel night alone without DH since I came in Friday evening. Not used to that! Birds did okay, Arnold Schwartzichickie was hamming it up for everyone. Blanche (Belgium D'unccle) accomplished laying an egg and placing 3rd and Hillary my showgirl got 3rd.

    Miss Peepsnbunnies and I agree that we need to set up a BYC booth at these shows. Spread the word etc [​IMG]

    Hope everyone had fun!
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    So glad you had fun. OEGB are very popular with the guys in the S.E. it seems
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    Had a great day meeting some of the members, it's like the conversation started here, and continued at the show, LOL. Peepsnbunnies, thanks for being my "guide" to meet everyone else. She seemed to know everyone and where they were when I got there. Congrats on your entries, and wins! Sunchick had some beautiful birds entered, and placed as well. LadyBug, Poison Ivy, it was a pleasure meeting you. Noshoes, nice to meet you, thanks for taking some pics. And we also met a member, JB (?), who just loves this forum! We need a booth next year, and lunch of some sort.
    And we all discussed how we feed our crocs

    HALO!!! where were you hiding??????
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