Invisible dog fencing question?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Pixco, Jul 4, 2008.

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    Hi All,
    Lost my chickens a few weeks ago to a fisher cat. Backing up and starting over and want to get a guard dog along with setting traps. Have a couple acres fenced with electric fencing for my horse and was thinking of putting invisible dog fencing in but am wondering if I can run the wire on the bottom of the t-posts that are there for the electric fence and just go underground across the driveway. It is extremely hard to get anything in the ground here so would make it a lot easier. Would hate to keep a dog tied etc. and don't want one roaming. All still in the thinking stage at this point. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks! By the way I just joined BYC a few weeks ago and I have learned a great deal, thanks everyone!!!
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    By the way, plan on making a FORT KNOX of a chicken pen also!!!
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    Spend a little extra money and get the above ground fencing! It works great for my two LGD and one can move boundaries a lot easier. I've had mine for 2 years now and simply love it! At its farthest extent my dogs have a circle that is 180 ft. diameter, which covers the better part of my 1+ acre. They are able to guard the chickens and kill predators without getting out into the highway or leaving the property. We've been at this place a year and they have killed a large coon, a big ol' groundhog, a large river rat and multiple moles and mice! I've even got it set where they are able to patrol my orchard to keep the deer away. I can take it with me camping or on vacation and plug it into the cigarette lighter to maintain a boundary around the campsite. It has a feature in which, if they should happen to get outside the boundary, it doesn't shock them while they are returning inside the boundary. If they get frisky and chase the cat, he has a safe zone in which they can't pursue! One can adjust the boundary down to 3 ft diameter if they want. Adjusting the boundary involves rolling a dial...not digging up wire, splicing wire, etc. I used to have the inground over 1/2 acre of was a never ending source of trouble and was unreliable. Good luck in whatever you choose! [​IMG]
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    Just drop down and add a lower wire to you electric fence. I don't think invisable fencing works. There are to many factors with it and the animal needs to have a collar on, which seems to come off or breaks. You need to train you dog to be around your chickens. Some people say this can't be done, but they are wrong. I will bring my dog to anyone chicken yard and trun my dog loose. We will leave her there and go sit on the deck and have some refreshments for a couple of hours. If the dog has done any damage to the birds, I not only will replace the chickens, I will give the owner a 1000 pounds of feed. Most dogs CAN be trained this way, there are a few that can't. For the first couple of weeks you have to sit on the dog. After that you can leave the dog with your chickens with no fear of what you will come home to. With a properly trained dog, no other dogs will come around.
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    Hi, and welcome! I'm kinda new here, too, but there's a lot of good info and really friendly folks - which you've already seen. I am currently using the "in-ground" dog fence, but I have yet to get it in the ground. We've got clay and rocks so I've left it on the ground and it is doing fine. I've had it several months. I tied it to an old garden hose to go across the gravel drive (so the wire doesn't get too beat up with the traffic) and that works great for me. I have my wire on the inside of a regular fence (I've got a Boxer that goes OVER any fence he can get close to, and a Dobie mix who goes UNDER any fence he can get to) which cures both of my problems. It takes a while to train the dogs, you have to walk them on a leash for a couple of weeks or until you're SURE they know the boundary. Some folks have had trouble with dogs "running through" the fence - if they go fast enough across it the shock doesn't affect them. Since my wire is inside another fence, it hasn't been a problem for me. Might work the same way with your situation, as long as the dog has another obstacle in it's way you should be fine. Good luck! [​IMG]
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    May 25, 2008
    My neighbors had invisible fencing for their dog. Two pit bulls walked into the yard and killed their dog in a horrible grisly way that nobody should ever have to hear about. Invisible fencing will keep your dog in, it will not keep predators out.
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    Great input everyone!! I have a dog now that we are able to leave in the house alone with baby chicks in uncovered containers but he has been an indoor dog for 10 yrs and I don't have the heart to make him an outdoor dog. Hoping to have that good luck training another around chickens and other farm animals. Will keep checking back for input, this is great!!!

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