ionic or colloidal silver treatment


7 Years
May 19, 2012
We have just started raising chickens, we started with 8 chicks that were bought from a local farm of healthy chickens when 1 week old. They are now 2 months old. We have lost 2 chickens already to mareks disease, (self diagnosed based on sx of paralysis, weight loss). Can anyone tell me how much ionic or colloidal silver to give. One of the other chicks is now showing signs of the disease, my favorite baby :( . She sits down alot, and is starting to take a wobbly step with one leg. None of the others are showing any signs. When we realized the first of the chicks was sick we immediately removed her from the others and kept her comfortable in her own space inside until we put her down when she was suffering too much. The second we removed earlier because we were watching closely for any signs of illness in the other chicks. She also became too weak and refused to eat, and finally we put her down as well. This third chick is not nearly as ill appearing yet, I am hopeful that we have a chance to save her but can't figure out how much to feed her. I have been reading as many threads on this as I can find here but still am not certain of how much to give. Also, would it be safe to give to the other 4 to possibly prevent the disease in them since they are certainly exposed. All the chicks are a different, bantams, some are bantam mixes, the two that died were cochin. advice is appreciated.

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