Iowa towns which allow chickens in town and the specifics


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I am trying to get together a list of towns which allow chickens in city limits in Iowa, I am posting the laws I know of
hope others can list their knowledge as well.

Des Moines, IA. Lots smaller than 1 acre, up to 30 birds; lots 1 acre or larger, up to 50 birds. Not allowed in the front yard, and must be at least 25' from neighbors.
Urbandale, IA. Chickens must be kept at least 150 feet from any dwelling.
Clive, IA. No more than 12 chickens on lots less than 1.5 acres. Must be 150 feet from homes and 50 feet from property line.
West Des Moines, IA. Chickens may not "run at large."
Windsor Heights, IA. No more than 2 chickens allowed; must be kept in a coop at all times. Must be at least 25' from neighboring residences, and may not be in front yard.
Waukee, IA. No fowl shall be kept within the city limits of the City, except in A-1 District or A-2 Annexation District on tracts of one (1) or more acres.
Sioux City, IA. Permit required. No roosters over 4 months old. No more than 50 birds total. Must be at least 25' from the home and at least 150' from neighboring homes.
Charles city may allow a variance.
Tiffin allows chickens, not sure of the rules on it though.
Bedford allows livestock but you are required to have a permit and it must be approved by the city council. Most people here have one to keep horses. I keep chickens and at various times have had turkeys, goats, geese, ducks and a pig or two. Everyone that has a permit lives on the edges of town, so there is little neighbor annoyance. Our permit was grandfathered in when we bought our place.
Hi-Does anyone know the law in Indianola? My daughter has a pet duck and we are looking to buy a house there. Thanks!
ok. So I talked to city council and there is nothing stating you can have poultry. The only thing you can do is take it up with the city council and see if they will give you permission for the 1 duck. sorry. I know if you move to Des Moines. They allow 30 chickens/ducks
Hi guys! Does anyone know the permission for having a Duck in Vinton, IA? Just one Duck, at the most two..

I am grateful for all answers, so Thank You in advance!!
Thanks for posting this. I am looking for copies of ordinances to present to our city council.
I would love any more information you all can come up with.

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