Iranian chickens

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    I am a 4-H leader and came across Iranian chickens on feathersite. You can see them here:

    One of my 4-H families is Iranian, well the Dad is, Mom is American. Dad grew up with chickens and when I showed them the above chickens, he was excited and said he had all those types of chickens. The family would like more information on them and would love to find someone who breeds them so they can get some. Anyone know anyone? Or even info on them?

    The different breeds are:
    Siyahe Kantony
    Zireh E.
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    Aug 20, 2007
    I would think finding some of those breeds in the US would be VERY hard to find, considering quarantine regulations and such. I guess you could smuggle a chick in the country in your pocket [​IMG]
    Were any clubs or groups listed on the net for any of them?
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    I was going to suggest that you check with the Houston, Texas FFA and 4H groups. There is a huge Iranian community in Houston, and there is a good chance that some of those breeds have already been imported by members down there. Good luck.
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    Calamity, I just want to say I love your avatar! Is that one of your '4 legged kids'? [​IMG]
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    That is my oldest 4 legged baby, Earl. He's a purebred, but rescued, Bloodhound. I got him when someone dumped him out in the desert and left him to starve. He is an absolute dollbaby, but stubborn as all get out. He and my newest baby, Fergus, the Neopolitan Mastiff/Dogue de bourdeux are both going to the vet for an attitude change this next week, so hopefully neutering will calm things down around here. Its like living with two grizzly bears right now!
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    Quote:If I ever get out to the country I would love to have a Bloodhound, though Red Bones are more common around here and I absolutely LOVE Neos, also one of my future dogs LoL I work with an Old English Mastiff rescue so I have had a few fosters around my place.
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    As for middle eastern/Iranian chickens. I find this topic interesting. When I was there years ago, we ate a lot of chicken. It seems every meal featured it in some way.
    I recently found out that, as of 2006, agriculture accounts for about 1/4-1/3 of Iranian labor and contributes 47% to the nation's GNP.
    Chicken features prominently in this. Iran is rated the #1 producer and exporter of poultry products in the Middle East, and ranks 12th globally for poultry meat production and 14th for eggs.
    This covers all phases of the business and accounts for roughly 5 billion USD in income. This represents only 70% of capacity, as well, with an annual groth rate of 6%.
    It suffers, however, from a lack of organization in the industry, overall, and a generally unstable export market which fluctuates widely. But its clear that the Iranians are not small potatoes in the business and will grow!

    They certainly know something about chickens.
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    I cleaned up this thread to get it back on topic.

    Back to our chickens, ok? [​IMG]
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    Quote:Hey I wanna talk about Calamity's dogs too lol [​IMG]
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    She just meant she got rid of some other "comments" that were posted earlier. I don't think she's talking about you and the 4 legged kid. LOL


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