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Our boy Kingfish didn't start the day crowing as he usually does. I let him and the girls out to free range and it took a long while for him to even follow them out of the coop. He would lay in leaves watching them while they roamed. I was real worried. It didn't get any better and I had to tell the wife when I picked her up from work. I read the forums here and thought I'd better come up with something besides a heap of praying. So I made him this soup/pasta dish. (Mis en Place means "have everything ready in it's place" - it is a state of mind and a philosophy used by all good chefs).

en place

1 package Ramen Noodles (chicken
1 cup thinly sliced Napa Cabbage (also called Savoy Cabbage)
1 large carrot grated fine
2 cups water

Bring water to boil in medium sauce pan, add seasoning packet, stir well. Add noodles, sliced cabbage and grated carrot. Reduce heat to medium and cook three minutes, stirring frequently. Remove from heat and let stand 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Place in two large pie pans and serve to your birds when cooled.

The transformation was incredible. He ate a little. Then 5 minutes or so later he ate some more. He puffed out his chest and his back tail feathers splayed some. He ate some more. This went on for about 20 minutes. Then he found Henrietta and I knew he was feeling his old self. Him and the girls are upstairs now for the night. He's getting that (and some fresh baked corn bread) for breakfast tomorrow...


I also Believe in the power of prayer... You decide
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I'll definitely be keeping that recipe handy for our next little emergency. I am very glad to hear your rooster is feeling better. And yes, the power or prayer is unmatched!!

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