Iron deficiency?

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    Oct 12, 2008
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    I have a hen that I recently discovered loves ice. A couple of weeks ago I was breaking a hole in the ice in the pond and she went to town on a big chunk I threw in the yard. Today I threw another chunk out and my Golden Retriever grabbed it and was working on it while the hen ran around her and tried to take it from her. This was about a one pound chuck of ice, mind you, and this nutty chicken was trying to take it from my 90 lb dog!. It was the funniest thing I saw all day, and possibly all week. [​IMG]
    I crushed some smaller pieces and put them in the driveway for her and she just went nuts over it. They have water so she wasn't thirsty but I know (first hand) that ice craving in humans can be an iron deficiency. Think it would be so for a chicken as well? Or should I just post this under the treat chart section of the feeding thread? lol
    I'm going out tomorrow with the camera to get more "ice-capades" on film. Should be film-worthy if it was anything like today.

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    Welcome to BYC!!!

    I love the saying in your postcript!!!

    I would also love to see your ice-eating chicken!!

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    I dunnoh, Addie.... A couple weeks ago I was cleaning the coop. Use a tractor with a bucket on the front and shovel all the stuff into the bucket to go dump.... To make a short story long, my girls were picking the snow and ice off the tractor tires like it was cracked corn. All of em were lined up... I attributed that to curiosity.... they are a hoot to watch! If you're worried tho, you can give her some burger meat - raw or cooked - to suppliment for the iron. Leafy greens would work too....
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    Quote:I don't know either Addiedunn but I do know that iron deficiency leads to the same thing as with humans - anemia. And, that this isn't an uncommon problem with chickens especially color-feathered birds. Isn't that something? Merck

    I'm with Sussexgal, maybe some red meat, dark green veggies, in their diets . . . as to ice craving [​IMG]


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    I put radish tops and broccoli in the pen a three days ago and they are still there, completely whole. I think i've spoiled them with treats. Maybe I'll try spinach and see if they like that any better. Now I'm a little worried that it is a deficiency of some sort.
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