Irresponsible dog owners...gotta rant!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by mamabird, Mar 7, 2009.

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    Apr 14, 2007
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    I know there are many rants about dogs owners, but I have to add my 2 cents and ask I justified in being angry, or I'm I expecting too much?

    We have had a lab for 7 years. She has had 3 planned pregnancies, and we had her spayed after her litter last year. No unwanted or unplanned breedings. We kept her daughter from last summer's litter, and she is currently going through her first heat cycle. We have very large yard, with an underground fence, which she respects. I keep her in the laundry room if we are not home, at night, or if she can't be supervised. The problem - is the neighbor's dogs! There have been at least 2, intact male dogs hanging around the house. I can't let my dogs in my own yard without putting them on a leash first. I know that at least 1 of them is travelling about a mile, and the owner lets him off his chain to run at night. The other is about 1/4 mile away, and we have had trouble with this dog before. Yes, I know - a female will draw every male around to the house when she is in heat - but shouldn't the male dog's owners be responsible for their dogs? I don't want to breed the dog at this point - plans are to do so in a few years after she turns 2, OFA certified, etc....I am a responsible breeder and have an excellent track record with breeding, placing puppies, training, etc., so please don't criticise me for not getting her spayed.

    The bigger picture - we have free range chickens, and nigerian dwarf goats with babies. The goats are in a pen, and it is pretty well predator proof, but these dogs have also expressed an interest in the farm animals. They have been on my back porch chasing my cats, and fighting with my older female lab. I have explained to the one owner that we have the farm animals, and I don't want their dog here, because I don't want anything to happen to my birds or goats. They come get the dog, and it's back again within a few hours. Ironically, both of the males are labs, and they are nice enough dogs, but (*&^! I am about at my witts-end! I don't want to shoot the dogs, but believe me - it can and will be done if they get into my animals. I can't seem to get the owners to understand that they need to keep their animals at home.

    I know, there are a lot of people who choose not to neuter, after all, they don't have to worry about their dog getting pregnant. But what about people that choose NOT to spay their females, and go to great lengths to be responsible breeders? What about the small farm animal owners that have to be on defense all the time to protect their animals? After walking BOTH of my dogs on leashes in MY yard last night and running stray dogs out of MY yard and away from MY goat pen, and breaking up dog/cat fights on MY backporch...I'm about ready to blow! The dog owners aren't getting the hint when I am nice, and I don't want to be a 'bitty' about it since I have to live near these people, but enough is enough!!!
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    Mar 3, 2008
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    Dogs simply should not be permitted to run unsupervised, period, end of story. Not just for your safety, but theirs as well.

    If you can catch them, contain them, and call animal control to pick them up. If there is no animal control in your area, take them to the local shelter. If the owners have to PAY to get them back, they may think twice about letting them roam free.

    The owners have been warned. Monkeying around with them until you have actual damage is nonsense.
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    Quote:I have to agree with her. No second chances here if I find a dog inside my fence. I found the neighbors dog outside my fence, my rooster was pitching a fit and my DH called them and told them. He hasn't been back since then, but I know they dont have him contained reliably. And if I find one in the process of attacking my birds, it will not make it to the shelter and it will be the owner's fault entirely.
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    Apr 14, 2007
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    No question that if the dog gets into the pen, it will NEVER get the opportunity to do so again. I don't have a fence around my yard to keep things out, I have an underground fence that keeps my dogs in (the drawback of UF's). The dogs tend to show up after dark (which could be used to my advantage..."under the cover of darkness...." when the birds are put away, and there is no animal control around. We are rural, pound is a joke, and neighbors get even...[​IMG]
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    i wish we could shoot their owners! you put time and money into these animals, they are on their property being happy and care free and then boom some dog comes in reiks havoc on the farm, i've had it happen so many times, i had 3 hens survive the dog attack of 2006, i lost lost my 3 royal palm turkeys, it was terrible, i think one of my neighbors did the deed, because all of the sudden no dog, i would love to have an 8 foot security fence around my property
  6. pdsavage

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    Mar 27, 2008
    It was like 8 years ago I had 3 females and they was in there own yard well lets say 34 puppies is alot of puppies....
    I have 2 females now one is spayed and the other will be next month as she is almost 4 months old her brother will be fixed a month after she is....
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    In this case the three S rule applies ,shoot shovel shut up, in the cover of darkness of course. Or catch the dogs and drive them to another countys humane society. or if you have the money catch them and have them fixed and then turn them loose again.
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    Apr 29, 2007
    I agree that no animals should be allowed to run loose. We have about 5 neighbor hood dogs that run loose. My main problem is the stinking feral cats from next door, they come in my barn have sprayed in my horses hay and they get into my trash. THe neighbor had a roomate that had 20 or so cats, roomate left and the cats are now feral. My Jack russells have taken care of a couple of them.
  9. shotgun with rocksalt,or small beans, or SSS. no question marrie
  10. Dar

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    Jul 31, 2008
    we HAD (key word) a few dogs that kept running loose...

    My dog was bad the minute she had a chance for a clean get away she would..but i made a point that the dog would even be on a leash as we were getting ready to go to her "zip line" (she had a piece os coated aircraft cable that ran the length of the yard and we attached her lead to this to give her a large run area)

    these dogs that were running loose came and challenged my dog in her own yard

    i noticed a while ago that the dogs were no longer a problem...i asked my neighbor what happened to them,,,..the response was simply..."your chickens and dogs dont need to worry any more"...and we left it at that

    i go to great lengths to make sure that my animals (chickens included) are being a bother to anyone else...i just wish others would do the same.

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