Is $130 a good price for a 8 year old GQF Cabinet Inubator a good deal

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    Hello Chickadees,
    Tomorrow I am going to look at a GQF incubator that a Lady offered me for $130. She says it works great, and she cleaned and sanitized it after every use. But I need to know if anybody knows what model it could be from 8 years ago, as I would like to look up the info on the GQF site. Also it doesn't have a hatching tray, does this mean I need a hatcher, or could I just stop the auto turning and level the racks out? And if I decide I don't like it, could I resell it for at least $130 to get my money back? I'm a first time incubatorer, so any advice is very very appriciated! Thanks!
  2. What condition is it in? Has the thermostate wafer in it been changed lately? Have you checked all the electrical wiring? Was it stored inside, or in a barn?
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    Hi More than likely its a 1200 series 1250 Cabinet model instructions.pdf
    you should be able to buy hatching trays for it, but very costly, or make your own hatching tray or trays for the bottom of the bator which is what i would do.. does it have a turner in it or is it just a hatcher type??
    Pic's would help if you can get any..

    as PouletsDeCajun said, id change out the wafer or wafers if its a dual type..hopefully the switch or switches are good to go..

    as for the price, if its in good working order it is certainly worth it..wafers arent much so that wouldnt change my mind on the price..[​IMG]

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