Is $33.00 shipping reasonable for 6 showgirl eggs.or am I just crazy?


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Jul 27, 2008
Is $33.00 shipping reasonable for 6 showgirl eggs.or am I just crazy?

I posted a topic that I wanted some showgirl eggs - preferrably white and I had a person tell me they would sell them for #33.00 plus shipping for 6 eggs....I think that is crazy...what is your opinion?
Depending on where they are being shipped from .
$15.00 shipping isn't unreasonable.
I have paid $22.00 shipping plus the cost of the eggs.
basically it boils down to , how much you are willing to pay for shipping, how badly you want the eggs.

Maybe find someone closer and avoid shipping all together?
to clerify- that was $33 total for 6+ white showgirl eggs and it included shipping not in addition to the cost of the eggs.

i have never had to charge over $15 for shipping alone why on earth would i charge that for shipping plus the eggs?? if u didn't understand that u should have pm'ed me to ask questions.

yes, i have pics of my flock all over my website for people to see and can gladly take more pics if that is not enough.
Oh just saw who the eggs would be coming from. You're in good hands.
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be lucky their not OEGBs.. for a dozen ("SQ" eggs.. figure how you get that when you cant show eggs that i know of). its about 50-60. plus shipping.. also that way with most breeds.. but you get what you pay for-. unless its coming from greedy people. then you get a 1$ bird for 1,000
Not when you have exhibition birds that you pay 100+ per bird, are a breeder that is dedicated to improving the breed,show your birds AND are not out to make a qucik buck off of birds.
Id say that's very reasonable.

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