Is 4 years too old for meat?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by jonimiki, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. jonimiki

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    Nov 3, 2011
    I have a 4 year old Rhode Island Red Hen that may have stopped laying. I've read that she is too old and the meat will be tough. Is this true?
  2. galanie

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    Aug 20, 2010
    The meat will be tough, it's true. But that doesn't mean you can't eat it. Long time in the crockpot or cook her in a pressure cooker and there ya go. It'll have wonderful flavor.
  3. DanIndiana

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    Aug 27, 2010
    Valparaiso, Indiana
    Slow cook in crockpot. Then shred the meat into small pieces, and put back into the crockpot juices. Put that into the fridge overnight. Then it will make the best tacos, or chicken and noodles you've ever had. I have found the the extra day AFTER cooking is when the tenderness will really kick in.
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  4. kfacres

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    Jul 14, 2011
    Quote:i question that. I've ate tons of leftovers in my life, and have noticed the opposite 99% of the time.
  5. ShadyHoller

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    Sep 12, 2010
    Willamette Valley
    And don't forget about sausage! (Yeah, I know you wouldn't go to that trouble for just one bird, but when you cull a bunch of old layers, just fillet the meat off the carcass and grind it up with your favorite herbs... both chicken sausage breakfast patties and loose Italian sausage are super versatile!)

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  6. DanIndiana

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    Aug 27, 2010
    Valparaiso, Indiana
    It's the resting in the juice I'm talking about. Haven't you noticed some dishes like chili, or soup taste better the next day?
  7. aoxa

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    Quote:Chilli definitely does!
  8. Avalon1984

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    Dec 22, 2010
    Mhm...I smell chicken noodle soup!!!
  9. Canning the meat is what I would do. No meat would be tough canned and would be great in sandwiches or casseroles.
  10. EggsForIHOP

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    Apr 18, 2010
    Quote:Chilli definitely does!

    Mmmm...I like to make "white chili" with the older chickens since the meat holds up better to 2 days of slow coooking. [​IMG] Slow cook them in the crock pot all day with some onions and salt and pepper and save all the liquid so it's a delicious broth...then day debone, add white beans (like great northern beans) cilantro, and can of creamed corn (makes it thicker) and I cheat and buy packets of "white chili" mix to add I think at Wal Mart...let that go all day again...and make some corn bread....mmm...I have one RIR roo still in the freezer...I think I need to go start me some chicken chili! [​IMG] It's not real spicy and heart burn prone friendly since chicken isn't greasy like beef...but still oh so delicious!
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