Is a 24x24 big enough

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    We made a pen that's 24 feet on all four sides and its sux foot tall with chicken wire over the top. We have 12 babies and a rooster and also to Peking duck baby's. We will be picking up between 6 and 12 9 month layers is this area big enough for them. We also have a 4 foot x 8 foot coop and also a 10foot x4foot coop. Will this be big enough for the amount we have and be getting?
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    I'm not great at math so you can do the figuring. But, rule of thumb is to allow 4-5 sq. feet per bird inside the coop (excluding roost and nest boxes, and 10 sq. feet per bird in the outdoor run. A wire top is good for keeping raptors out and also some climbers.
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    A 24' x 24' run is 576 sqft, that is suitable for about 58 standard sized chickens...

    Your 4' x 8' coop is 32 sqft and suitable for 8 standard chickens
    Your 4' x 10' coop is 40 sqft and is suitable for 10 standard chickens

    You can fudge the number of chickens a little bit but you run the risk of behavioral, health and stress problems...

    My math puts you at 15 birds already, you could probably add 6 more but I would not add 12 more without increasing coop size, even adding 6 more could be troublesome depending on coop configuration and roosting bar linear feet...
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