Is a heat lamp ok


9 Years
Jul 9, 2010
I live in Spain and already it is getting cold at night, my chickens are in a pen on my roof terrace and as they dont have a house as such I have got my husband to put in a heat lamp for them at night. They all seem to like it but I am a bit worried they wont roost if the light is on at night, is it ok.

Can post pictures if you need them.
Can you find a red bulb for the heat lamp? That way it won't bother them to sleep.
How cold does it get there at night? You may be better off finding a way to seal up their pen to cut drafts and not using a light. Chickens can tolerate some prettty cold temps. just fine.
Chickens can withstand some very low temps without a problem, so a heat lamp is probably unnecessary. I would recommend getting some secure housing for them, though. The cold doesn't bother chickens particularly, but wind/rain/snow and predators do bother chickens. The housing doesn't have to be much because chickens aren't picky, but they will be safer and protected from the elements that way.

Good luck.

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