Is Anybody Watching "The Voice" ?? We love that show!

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    We have been watching "The Voice" since it started. I'm not a fan of American Idol (I don't dislike it... I think it has always been on opposite something else I watch, so I never got too into it though I do follow the final standings when it gets to the end of the season). Anyway, we have kinda-sorta watched America's Got Talent the last couple of years. Well, now they have come out with "The Voice", and when it started, it came on right after "The Biggest Loser" on Tuesday nights (which we watch RELIGIOUSLY... Biggest Loser keeps us inspired & keeps us on track). Aaaaanywaaay, we have enjoyed watching "The Voice" since it started.

    If you are watching it, too, you will know who I'm talking about.

    Now, I said ever since the first round of auditions that I thought it was going to come down to Frenchie, Beverly, and Javier. Javier is just talented beyond talent, and I think when all is said and done, it's gonna be Javier.

    Even though Frenchie's been eliminated, I have no doubt the exposure on "The Voice" is going to SIGNIFICANTLY boost her singing career. She's got PIPES and is a powerhouse of talent, as well.

    Beverly... now, whether you like the way she shakes her head on the high notes or not, Beverly SLAMS IT HOME every performance with her voice.

    And this Dia Frampton girl from Blake's team... really? She's all over the web as being predicted to win. What are the predictors doing, inhaling fumes from their cars' tailpipes or something? Seriously? She has talent and will be a wonderful pop/folk singer. I can see her going places, and I like her. She's good... but she doesn't have RANGE. She doesn't have PIPES. She doesn't have that powerful voice that singers like Vicci, Frenchie, Nakia, Javier, Jared Blake (and I was SO disappointed when he was sent home) and Beverly have. She's got stage presence, though... unfortunately, the show isn't called "The Stage Presence". It's called "The Voice", and whoever wins should have the best VOICE. Someone who can reach high notes and low notes, who can move their voice through riffs and make it sound smooth as silk, someone who has the lungs to sustain a chord and/or note for a prolonged period. You know, someone with "The Voice". Dia doesn't have that, in my opinion. She has been given opportunity after opportunity to showcase a powerful voice with an excellent range, and she has not met that standard. Beverly may be different to look at, but close your eyes and LISTEN to her voice... because this show is, after all, ALL about "The Voice". Listen to Javier's voice. If you listen to their VOICES and not get caught up in how cute they are, you couldn't possibly think Dia can beat powerhouse voices like Beverly and Javier and Vicci. I think she'll be great and have an awesome career, though, and I'd buy her CDs... it's not that I don't like her because I do... but her voice doesn't have the pitch, range, and power that the others are bringing to the stage.

    Just my opinion.

    What are y'all's thoughts? Anybody besides us watching this? I can't wait for the finale next week!
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    Jun 11, 2009
    dia frampton is the one i have been rooting for [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  3. HHandbasket

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    I like her, too. Lots of people are rooting for her.

    However, she has already had a previous recording contract, and her record tanked so her label dropped her. She's had her chance and couldn't hack it.

    I think she'll be a great asset to the recording industry... don't misunderstand me.

    However, OBJECTIVELY and MUSICALLY speaking, she does NOT have even 1/10th the vocal range as even some of the contestants who've been voted off. She's cute. Looks good in flats. Does GREAT pop/folk vocals. But she can't reach the really high notes, doesn't have the pipes to hold ANY notes for any length of time, and does not MUSICALLY have the vocal range that the other singers have. No matter how much I like her, she doesn't have the range.

    I think whoever has the best VOICE should win "The Voice". She probably has the best folk/pop stage present, but she by FAR doesn't even have CLOSE to the best voice. She just hasn't demonstrated the vocal range, power, and ability. Was kinda hoping she would because I always root for the underdogs, but I just can't bring myself to lie to myself into thinking she has better vocal range than the other singers because... she just doesn't have the vocals to support her popularity.
  4. dainerra

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    Jun 4, 2011
    if Dia wins, I might throw myself off a bridge..

    What "that judge" was thinking when he didn't keep Patrick I will never know. Patrick was completely awesome and I think would have gone all the way.

    I'm thinking/hoping/praying for Vicki, but I love Javiar as well.

    Basically, anyone BUT Dia [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. pepperlady

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    Jun 24, 2011
    We've been watching this since day 1 too!! And here are my a nutshell.

    I think Beverly sounds too much like Bonnie Rait.

    I think that Javier is very marketable, BUT I think that he'd get lost in the rack of 20 other singers that sound very similiar.

    I think Dia has a very unique tone to her voice & is really musically talented in her arrangements of songs. I don't think that she has the passion or the range necessary to make it in the industry.

    I think that ADAM dismissed the best singer in the entire competition during the battle rounds when he kept the Dr. wannabe instead of the girl that sang "Creep" with him. (She also sang Nirvana during the auditions, but I do not remember her name.)

    I was rooting for Curtis Grimes, but now he is gone too. [​IMG]

    So I guess now that I will have to turn all of my support to Vicci. She's a little TNT & I really enjoy seeing her perform & hearing her sing!!
  6. HHandbasket

    HHandbasket The Chickeneer

    I have to say, I also liked that girl that sang "Pretty Pretty Please" in a duet with Vicci. Man, what a couple of power-house voices! That was a really, really hard choice. I hope someone in the business saw that performance and gives her a call.

    I also liked Jeff Jenkins. I hope he gets picked up. I betcha one of the better-quality Christian record labels calls him up... I certainly hope so! I loved his voice, as well.

    And I have to say this... I'm an old lady, and I'm certainly no fashion "expert" by far. That being said... what was it with Casey Weston and the inappropriate cowgirl boots? I mean, with some of her outfits, yeah... looked awesome! But that one outfit that was longer in the back than the front, those boots were COMPLETELY inappropriate. Somebody shoulda talked to her about that. LOL.

    It has taken a lot of guts for every one of them to get up there and do what they're doing, and my hat's off to the whole bunch!
  7. Souperchicken

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    Jan 18, 2009
    USA- Southwest
    Someone told me about the Voice and I watched it on the website and was instantly hooked.

    Here's my opinion....
    Beverly - I don't care for her style of singing. I prefer a "softer" voice.
    Casey - The same thing for her and haven't liked anything she preformed until "I will always love you". Her voice sounded very pretty during that song.
    My favorites are Dia, Nakia, and Javier. I am not rooting for anyone in particular, just enjoy watching the show.

    As for the judges,
    Cee-Lo makes me laugh and can't help but smile whenever I watch him. He and my husband have a lot of similarities...mostly mannerisms.
    Adam seems low key and serious. I like listening to him sing and hearing what he has to say.
    Blake, for some reason reminds me of a little boy both in the way he looks and acts.
    Christina's clothing and hair is distracting. How does she keep the "girls" from falling out??
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  8. justuschickens59

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    Apr 2, 2009
    My favorite is Vicci, with Beverly a close second. Javier is talented, but there are a bunch of singers out there who sound exactly the same. I also really like Dia, and I loved Xenia. When Xenia gets older and more mature and experienced she is going to have a booming career. Her sound is so unique. In my opinion, THE VOICE doesn't mean you have to be able to hit high notes, low notes, have a big booming voice to belt it out, or be able to do all those runs (which become annoying to me), etc., it's who is great at the style they sing. Dia may not have one of those big, booming voices with all the runs and big notes, but I would buy one of her CDs - I would not buy one of Frenchie, Nakia, etc. I like Dia's unique style, her originality, ease of singing, and none of those horrendous faces that some singers make when straining to hit those notes.

    I will also add that, while I do like the show, I have a very hard time watching it because I really just cannot stand to watch or listen to Christina. I used to like her until this show. I am so completely tired of seeing her "twins" practically falling out week after week. Therefore, I usually just DVR it so I can fast forward so I can bypass as much of Christina as possible.
  9. equinelyn

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    Jun 4, 2011
    Southern York County
    I have 3 big favorites on the show, I've been watching The Voice since day 1.

    Dia Frampton
    Vicci Martinez
    Casey Weston

    I didn't like Devon Barley until I heard him sing creep. I'm a huge fan of Damien Rice, and I thought Devon sounded just as good.

    I've downloaded tons of song on I-tunes from the vioce. I love "Black Horse and The Cherry Tree" by Casey, and "Price Tag" by Xenia.
  10. HHandbasket

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    Okay, so tonight was the final performance. Major MAJOR kudos to all of them!

    Have you voted yet?? We voted as soon as the show was over, before the credits were even done rolling.

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