Is anyone willing to ship unwanted pigeon or dove eggs?


Jul 18, 2021
I already know the lectures. But I want to share my thoughts and requests, so please read to the end.

I know there are keepers out there who have lots of "unwanted" eggs. You boil them, freeze them, or throw them out, then replace them with plastic eggs so your bird doesn't immediately breed again. I would be so willing to purchase them instead! I would cover all expenses incurred to get them here to me.

Here is my ridiculous story.

Recently I found a couple of pigeon eggs. I was so excited when I put them in the incubator and one began to grow life. It had good, healthy veins and it had begun to wiggle! I immediately began researching. I bought formula, a brooder, and began looking at ways to give this bird the best life possible if it survived my attempts to hand rear it. I had raised other "bottle babies" so I was sure I was up for the challenge. Then, after about day 6, it's little life flickered out. It did not hatch. I was ridiculously devastated. I felt like I had lost a pet, not just an egg. As stupid as that might sound, I became so emotionally invested in the idea of raising that baby that it sort of crushed me.

I've been told I invest too much time into my pets. Too much of my life. But the truth is, they ARE my life. I was told by doctors that if I was to get pregnant, there is a very, very high chance that I would die. I cannot have children. My cats, my dogs, my birds, my aquarium and even my potted plants give me something to look forward to each day. Something to care for, to raise and give a good life, and to love fiercely.

It's silly, yes. But I wanted the chance to hand rear that little bird, and I'd very much like to try again.

So if anyone is willing to give me a chance, I would be so grateful. So, so grateful. Thank you for listening.


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May 21, 2017
I don’t have any eggs (my pigeon is a single male), but I may have some helpful advice if you can’t find anyone to give you eggs.
Wildlife rehabilitation centers often don’t take in pigeons since they’re considered invasive, so you could try contacting them about unwanted babies. The ones that take in pigeons may have unreleasable babies, such as ones who have wing injuries or are deformed.
If you live in an area where there are live poultry markets, shelters may have abandoned baby king pigeons, since those are sold live at those markets, and people sometimes “release” them.

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