Is apron xl fungicide bad for chickens?


Sep 25, 2015
I recently planted some grass seeds but they have a certain type of fungicide called apron xl.We raked over it back and fourth to try to hide it some,but you know that didn’t work well.The chickens haven’t gotten into because I’m leaving them locked up until further notice.
Any idea is it bad for them?
A Google search came up with "reportedly non toxic to birds, invertebrates, and fish."
Toxicity is supposed to be minimal, but warnings are issued about 'feeding' seed that has been treated with this. I'd keep the flock away from these areas as long as is possible if it were me.
Ok it says five to ten days I should see growth,maybe it’ll rain wash some more of it off I have already sprinkled it with watt hose.
Look up the MSDS!!! It's toxic, but at 'comparatively' lower doses than some other products. The amount in your hen's eggs won't be a problem, I don't think. But there will likely be some in there.
Locking them up at least until sprouting, and some rains, sounds like a good idea.
Update-With the seeds being blue it disinterested them and they don’t even wanna touch,nor walk on it.To be sure I covered some of it up and let them out their own to watch what they would do,they don’t seem to like it at all and have not seen any touch it (I watched them all day Sunday),it rained a lot washing the seeds around so not sure if any will even grow.

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