Is Baytril OK antibiotic to give after crop surgery? plus other Q's

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    Nov 18, 2008
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    I had posted about my rooster who has had an impacted crop for a long time, ( ) It has gotten worse and I think I will operate.

    Phoebe, (who I need to rename He-be) has been inside for 24 hours, I thought I should try the oil and yogurt massage again/ first before proceding with surgery.
    He did not eat the yogurt oil gruel or drink on his own, so I used tube to give 50cc water.
    His crop is still full of stones and very hard material, I can't imagine all of it passing through his body!
    I don't think even an oil flush will work.
    Breathing is wheezy, not due to forced liquids, but because of pressure on wind pipe from full crop.
    No bad smells, crop does not seem sour

    I have a few questions before starting:

    I do not have teramycin or ACV. I do have a 5 day supply of Baytril. Is Baytril a good antibiotic to give after surgery? Is there anything else I can get over the counter?

    Stitches: I am going to try skin glue first but want to have a backup, If I can't get a suture kit, what kind of thread will work?

    His "hospital recovery suite" is our mudroom which I cornered off with an old door, I put a small roost in but he wants to sit on top of the edge of the door, after surgery should I confine him to a smaller space?

    Thank you so much to everyone who has posted their own crop experiences and all the great advice!
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    Nov 14, 2008
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    My bird vet says Baytril is the preferred avian antibiotic and I've used it for two of my hens recovering from a dog attack.

    Make sure you keep the suture/skin glueing site clean and use a topical antibiotic such as silverdane.

    Good luck with your bird!

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