is Blu kote suitable for this situation?


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Mar 22, 2014
I have 9 hens roughly 5 months old (5 Brahmas, 3 Delawares and 1 cochin) everyone had a pretty good molt and seem to have recovered well however I have one brahma who still hasn't grown back her tail feathers and I notice a little blood on one feather.

It looks like it is slowly starting to recover back there. I don't see any of the other girls majorly picking on her, only time I ever see my girls get huffy is when I am handing out treats.

I purchased some blu-kote but I get mixed vibes on if I should use it on her tail area. Would this help her?

Michael Apple

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Mar 6, 2008
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I don't like Blu-Kote because it stains feathers blue for a long period of time, and dehydrates wounded tissue. Pine tar repels chickens, but you have to use a conservative amount to avoid a gooey mess. Put a nitrile or latex glove on one hand and dip your fingertip in it, then apply it to the feather follicles on the pick spot.

To help growth of new feathers, use an 18% protein ration and mix 2-4 tsp of wheat germ oil fortified with A,D, & E thoroughly for each pound of feed. Do that once a week. Then add poultry vitamins with probiotic powder in waterers 3 times a week. Vitamins-Electrolytes "Plus" is a good one (1 tsp per gallon) or you can use regular poultry vitamin-electrolyte powder, and add 1/2 tsp per gallon of Probios dispersible powder to waterers. Most feed stores carry these:
Vitamins-Electrolytes "Plus" :

Probios dispersible powder:

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