Is Brinsea good?

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    Tax refunds are coming,and this is good a time as any to ask dh for a bator.

    I figured I would get one and hatch some now to practice.Give them away.No broody hens. My main reason to get one is that our rooster is AWESOME,and if our hawks kill him I would right away put eggs into the bator to hopefully hatch out another awesome little roo.

    I know how touch and go things can be,and I wouldn't want to hatch the first time once Jack is dead. Looking at all the bators I wonder which will give me the best chance at success.Is a Brinsea that one?
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    Brinsea is a wonderful company- however, you should buy it directly from their website- not from Amazon.

    If you use facebook, they have their own page, and often post coupon codes and run specials.
  3. Kelly G

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    I have two of them....this is my second year of hathing, and I'm thrilled with the results!

    I purchased them after much "research" here and on two other sites.

    They are rock-solid on temp. Hold the humidity steady. They are also quite sturdy.

    Good luck! You're going to love it!
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    X-2 on that...cva34
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    x 3
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    Feb 14, 2012
    Well, I can not even get Brinsea to answer my e-mails. I have been ready to order one for a week now. But asked for clarification on heat regulation and the cooling feature. I actually started by placing a phone call to Support, but got a woman that did not even know what the cooling feature is. This left me wondering if she has even read the brochures. When I ask about the type of heating control, things got even more complicated. I sent an email to support explaining my experiance, hoping to get someone else to respond. No response. So the next day I sent the same thing to the Sales Department. Telling them I was just needed the two simple questions cleared up to place my order. Once again nothing. Brinsea sells a very complex little machine. What would we do if we had a malfunction or needed waranty or service done? I am a service tech, and do phone support myself in another field. And I am very aware that the product means nothing, without support. Good luck with these guys.
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    Feb 15, 2012
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    Its not an incubator, but i love my EcoGlow 50. If the chicks aren't under it, they are on top of it.
  8. good luck dealing with customer support

    I used to be a very big fan of Brinsea and sent a lot of business their way.. however I have had problems with their turners wearing out after only two hatches, a brooder with exposed wires and with their candlers.. (so far the incubators haven't failed "knock wood").. their customer service is horrible.. they don't want to fix things that have issues without having you jump through hoop after hoop. They didn't even want to look at the brooder until I mentioned it was a fire hazard.. luckily they replaced it when they realized it was a manufacturing issue and I had gotten a lemon.. When my candler died they didn't want to be bothered and I only had it a few months .. my husband ended up opening it and found that the wires were stripped wrong (too long of an exposed wire that was shorting it out since it was touching other exposed wires/metal pieces inside the candler).. so he fixed it for me..
    My husband has zero faith in their products since it seems that there isn't much going on in the quality control department.. and after dealing with customer service due to manufacturing issues I won't be buying from them again

    I still have the replacement eco glow 20 brooder in the box unopened.. frankly it can sit there since I don't trust it at all after my experience with the last one
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