Is chemical castration of pet roosters an option?

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    Aug 29, 2012
    Our pet hen that turned out to be a rooster has in the last few days started showing signs of aggression to us. Nothing major yet but enough to have me wary when its with the kids.

    It has started biting (okay pecking?) first when my daughter tried to pat him, then my sons foot and then my daughters finger when she offered it a treat.

    This afternoon he fluffed himself up and had a go at and pecked my toe.

    Kids come first so if he gets worse he will have to go. He isn't show quality so rehoming probably is going to be difficult or fatal for him so would like to know if castration is an option.

    Have tried google etc but everything relates to taste not for keeping pet roosters tamer.

    Is it a possible solution? Is he too old at 5 months. Is it available in Aus?
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