Is closing the coop door a must?


5 Years
Aug 10, 2014
My setup is a small, roofed run with a raised coop. It's impossible to dig into, fully predator proof, right next to the house (I can see them from my kitchen window!
) and enclosed within a fenced garden.
The few hens I have always go up inside their coop pretty early evening. (Way earlier than my turkeys go inside their house!)
The ladies come out on their own really early too. Just as it is barely getting light out. So far we have no eggs, but they are young and hopefully due sometime soon.

I have wondered about the whole light the coop, and keep them in there until later morning.... but since my setup is small, the food and water are kept in the run. If I lock them in, what if they are hungry or thirsty? They are always eating first thing way early.

So I have been leaving their little door to the coop open, and they come in and out as they please. But is that okay? Am I making a mistake?


6 Years
Jul 24, 2013
If it is completely predator proof, you can leave the door open. I occasionally leave my pop-doors open, because my coop is secure.

With that said, it is fine for you to close the door. Chickens don't eat or drink at night, so they won't go hungry or thirsty. As long as you open it in the morning, they'll be fine.
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