Is commercial feed THAT bad?


7 Years
Jun 30, 2012
My ducks would rather go out and forage on this windy day, dead leaves, frozen ground and all.
They are on Flock Raiser, eat all you can buffet inside their run. Am I missing something here?
Mine do similar but they still end up clearing out the feed, honestly, i'd rather they forage.. soon there will be nothing and the feed will be through the roof.
Foraging is what they do instinctively. Mine hit the feed first thing in the morning when they're really hungry, and ocassionally during the day, but they'd rather forage given the chance. There certainly would be more variety foraging.
we cant feed FR here, no one will eat it. They go off feed almost completely and look awful in body weight and feather both. Free ranging, mazuri waterfowl and LOTS of whole grains.
There is nothing wrong with their feed, but compared to what they find laying around it is kind of like eating dry cereal all the time, while foraging is more like eggs and bacon.

LOL now there is a comparison!
I think of commercial feed as "insurance." That way I know they are getting the vitamins and minerals they need and whatever they catch or dig up themselves is an added bonus of good stuff.

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