Is Coryza the only illness that smells like rotted meat?

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    Mar 29, 2008
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    Not sure.. why?

    Could be a hidden injury under all the feathers that can smell like rotted meat too.
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    Apr 27, 2008
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    Mar 29, 2008
    Quote:Because I have had a chick (about 1-2 months old now) that I got the Saturday after Easter that has been dealing with being sick for a while now. First we thought it was CRD, but then someone posted it was IC.

    So I treated her 3 days with Tylan 50 SQ (sub q) at .2 cc. The smell deminished greatly, most of the blueness over her eyes faded, but she still continued with nasal drainage but was doing great, she also has been scratching her head since about 1 day or 2 after I got her, this was why I thought her eye was swollen and pus filled.

    She has never gone off feed or water through this.

    Now, however, 2 days after her last injection the blueness came back and the bubble in her eyes came back and the odor came back. So I gave her another injection and now the nasal drainage seems gone, her eyes are clear but she is still breathing hard, but not breathing through her mouth.
    She is still scratching but not nearly as bad as she was.

    I am trying to fix her but I cannot find anything that pinpoints what she has so I am trying to find out if IC is the only disease in which has an odor, she has no open wounds and it is coming from her head.

    Her symptoms started in this order and I cannot find anything on line with it all to say definately she has IC.....

    Scratching head
    One eye swollen at top, not bottom
    That eye was shut, I cleaned it, tons of cheesy pus came out
    Above her eyes was starting to turn blue
    It eventually went over to other eye
    You could hear a click in her, but not "rattling"
    She then started with watery nasal discharge
    Then a slight, very slight foul odor
    Then bubbling in eyes started
    Then sticky nasal discharge
    Then heavy breathing
    Then rattling in her chest

    Now she is tons better, less than a week ago she got real lethargic and I thought she was going to die, but she must be a strong willed chicken.

    I have since grown so attached to her, I want her to live.

    BUT, I have a baby Silkie and I don't want her to catch this, and before I knew this was contagious they were already in the same room. They still are but not around each other. The sick chick has free roam in my bathroom, the baby Silkie is in a box with tall sides, and is not allowed on the ground where she walks and is not allowed around her, my only concern here is airborne. Baby Silkie is about 1-2 weeks old.

    So anyway, that is why I am trying to find this out.

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